The Most Common Real Estate Investing Advice

The Most Common Real Estate Investing Advice

The Most Common Real Estate Investing Advice

The most common real estate investing advice:

(And my take on it as being in the industry for 30+ years)

“If you want to succeed in real estate, first you need to invest thousands into learning.”

Yes, having some degree of understanding of the real estate industry is important.

I believed it too when I was about to do my first deal, so I’ve invested thousands into courses, books, and resources.

But it wasn’t what drove my success.

Read all the resources I could find → still had 0 practical experience
Was learning on my own → no networking opportunities
Spent time analyzing the market → market changed

I started avoiding drowning myself in education & started investing.

Once I gained experience and got comfortable with the process, I increased my investments.

If you are in a position where you:

→ Are looking for passive income opportunities
→ Lack understanding of the industry
→ Don’t know where to start

Don’t waste your time and money on learning all of it by yourself.


  • Find a professional who you trust
  • Look at their previous deals
  • Speak to their clients

→ Do your due diligence.

But let professionals take care of the details.

It will save you the struggle as these people have already spent years working in this industry and know all the ins and outs.

This is the most efficient way to succeed as an investor.

Merrill Kaliser
Merrill Kaliser