10 Things That Have Happened In Real Estate During 2020-2023

10 Things That Have Happened In Real Estate During 2020-2023

10 Things that Have Happened In Real Estate During 2020-2023

10 things that have happened in real estate during 2020-2023:

(it’s probably something NOT what you think)

1) Real estate remained one of the top investments of all time.

2) Real estate proved it has cycles… AGAIN (every 7-8 years).

3) Purchasing of real estate depends upon the cost of the capital stack and the ability to increase NOI.

4) It has NEVER been an economic market in which you should NOT buy real estate.

5) 2021-2022 over $16T was pumped into the economy because of the COVID-19 pandemic by the Fed Govt.

6) Fed Rates were raised to 22-yr high.

7) Insurance along the sunbelt coast states has seen rates increase as high as 80% - 100% each year for the last two years.

8) Property valuations by taxing authorities continue to rise to cover the inflationary impact on their expenses.

9) Rents have softened due to the economy.

10) Many property management companies have shown their inability to handle challenging headwinds.

Nobody could have predicted the speed of the rate hikes and the magnitude of the insurance increases.

Challenges are always here.
But real estate always does well in the long run.

Which one of these (1-10) do you find the most interesting?


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